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Mixed Media Art

Janiele Allman

Mixed Media, Pastel, Cookies

Ann Marie Gallivan

Paper, Mixed Media, Collage

Kyle Johns

Spray Paint on Glass

Joy Schilling

Batik, Memorabilia Collage, Copper

Anvi Stevens

Painting, Drawing, Textile and Prints

Elizabeth Wiltshire

Vintage Photos, Paper, Fabric

Susan Altman


Tiffany Gentile

Mixed Media

Alissa Onigman


Emily Sevigny

Mixed Media, Collage, Ceramics

Liza Vaughn


Tammy Lee Caristo

Greeting Cards

Judy Hartman

Fabric, Cut Paper, Collage

Amy Ropple

Embellished & Beaded Textiles

Craig Smith

Stained Glass

Andrea Willey

Mixed Media, Quilting

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