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Judy Hartman

I'm a graduate of Newton College of the Sacred Heart with a degree in Classics. I've also taken courses at Massachusetts College of Art, Fuller Craft Museum and the Art League of Long Island. I became interested in fabric as a medium in the 1970's and never looked back! I create fabric pictures and wall hangings, as well as paper cuttings. I enjoy making landscapes, portraits of real and imaginary people, and other designs. I have sold my work at the Rockhill Crafts Co-op in Foxboro, MA as well as doing house and pet portraits for private customers. I'm a former teacher and I currently live in Wakefield with my husband and two cats. I create my artwork in order to satisfy a personal need for self expression. I love the texture, color and patterns of fabric, and I layer and applique it in a sort of collage technique. I use both commercial and my own hand painted fabric in my work, along with beads and other embellishments. I make paper cuttings because I enjoy the way paper lends itself to crisp, clean designs. In a sense, I layer and 'applique' paper in much the same way as I do fabric, but the results are quite different.

Fabric, Cut Paper, Collage

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