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Ann Marie Gallivan

I am a devotee to all things creative. I have a background in marketing and visual merchandising and have been experimenting with art, color and design from the time I could pick up a crayon. I have been doing commisioned work for the past 5 years involving paintings, origami sculpture & mobiles and holiday home decor pieces.
Two things always seem to inspire me to create: nature and its amazing palette of color and fabulous paper. It is my inspiration for my origami sculptures as well as my paintings on canvas and board.
The ancient art of origami paper folding lends itself to focus and meditation. No matter how many peace cranes I may have folded in the past, if I lose focus with the paper in front of me, the result would not be so peaceful.
Being creative is a meditative process that always brings me into the present moment. My intention with my art is to invoke that same peacefulness whenever it is in view.

Paper, Mixed Media, Collage

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