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Liza Vaughn

Liza Vaughn is a contemporary resin artist. Her inspiration is driven primarily from the beauty of fluidity and the natural awe and power of the ocean and geode formations. Texture is of equal importance in many of her pieces. The three dimensional aspects of resin allow for multi-layer effects and complexity unrivaled among other forms of medium. Semi precious stones, quartz crystal and real sand is often blended into the pieces creating an intense connection with nature while invoking emotions of tranquility and peace. Many of her pieces are intended to induce a calming effect while also generating thought. Other abstract pieces blend solid, traditional and striking color choices ranging from metallic blacks, gold and silver to lighter variations of pastel as well. Each piece that Liza creates is carefully planned out. Days, and at times weeks, in advance, extensive thought and sketches are prepared to properly translate her visions to a given piece. Each color and texture is individually created with a wide range of various inks, mica powders, flakes and acrylic paints, among many others, in unique combination to produce the ideal result appropriate for each piece. Through experience, the right combinations and formulas are created. The same attention is given to each original piece to produce the unique and individual results that can only be attributed to Liza's artwork. Liza was featured in Centsational Style’s spotlight article on Resin Artists in August of 2018, which highlighted her success as a respected artist within the Resin Art Community. Her work has gained the attention of many within the Resin Art Community as someone with a unique talent to manipulate the difficult medium of resin into inspired works of art. Liza also fosters a sense of community among other artists in many ways. Liza is the founder of the Facebook page Resin Artists USA, a place where resin artists can share their work and knowledge. She was also selected as one of the few brand Ambassadors for Pro Marine Resin products. Liza's high standards and professionalism were the right fit when it came to Pro Marine making its selection.


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