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A Call for Artists

Hi Friends,

The first meeting of Melrose Arts and Wakefield Artists Collaborative was a good one. We are discussing discounts for Melrose and Wakefield artists for the 2016 show, and the extra help will make the Melrose Art Show better than ever!

In that vein, as a Director of the Beebe Estate Art Gallery in Melrose, and a member of Wakefield Arts, I would like to invite artists to show at the Beebe in the month of February. A small group of 5-6 artists would be perfect. I will be your liaison, but the show and set up are entirely in your hands. Set up is the Wednesdaybefore the first of the month. All hanging materials are provided and there are tables for your use as well. Please bring small items like prints and cards to sell each week. The floor must be cleared at the end of eachSaturday and there is basement storage for that or you are welcome to take things with you. The art stays on the walls all month.

We usually have an opening reception the first Friday of the month from 7-9, and the artists provide light refreshments. Then the gallery is open Saturdays that month from 11-3, and must be covered by the artists. Everyone should be at the opening, but two people covering the gallery per Saturday is plenty. You will have your own key.

Please consider doing a show there in February of 2016!!! Let me know as soon as possible!

Bev Hinckley

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