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Joy Schilling

Ceramics, Painting, Printmaking

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I make functional pieces: serving platters, bowls, and plates. I love to cook and there is nothing better than serving food on decorative plates and platters. While it can be very challenging at times, the process of working with clay for the most part is rewarding. Patience is important because the entire process has many steps. My largest wheel thrown objects are the size of a cereal bowl, therefore friends who work on the wheel supply me with the larger serving bowls. I like the decorative glazing part best.
There is nothing like the anticipation and excitement right before lifting the lid to the kiln. Flexible expectations are paramount. Success or failure? It could be exactly what I had in mind, downright horrible, or broken. You need to be resilient, be strong and be able to bounce back but most of all persevere…the art of pottery is not for those who quit easily.



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