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Jacob Bassett


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I am a recent graduate of UMass Dartmouth, with a Bachelor's Degree in Integrated Studio Arts, and a concentration in Ceramics. It was here that I found a passion for ceramics and I now plan to work in the studio and sell my work. I find that sensory experiences help to bridge our world together. I create work with a sense of offering, with a belief that empathy is attached to acts of service; these values become integral parts of utilitarian work. I’m a functional potter who makes vessels to promote joy, both for myself and others. My objects are meant to exist in a democratic social culture, meaning that the work is for a large population of people who are meant to use the work socially, functionally, and empathetically. The work is designed in a way that utilizes sgraffito and carvings. Sgraffito, a form of scratching through the surface to reveal a varied color, creates a shallow design on the face of the work. Carving and sgraffito are used to make complex, maze-like patterns, and texturally saturated surfaces. The designs are one of a kind, never repeated, and are never planned. They are based on designs from pen and paper sketches, and none of the designs are ever planned out before creation; they are created in the moment and are completely free handed. My intention with this strong tactile component is a surface that offers an invigorating or soothing physical experience to the user, particularly people with sensory issues or learning disabilities. One goal of the work is to create a sense of joy and wonder without having it belong to only a singular group; this allows the work to be open and available to all.



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