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Susan Randolph Frey

A legal secretary by day, I have been building doll houses since my daughter was 6 years old (she is now 26), and it has become a passion for me. My miniature homes and other structures have included some of my own designs as well as unfinished kits, and most of my miniatures include miniature electric lights, real asphalt roofs, real clay bricks, hardwood (including parquet) floors, wainscoting, moldings, and many other elegant details.
My goal is heirloom and museum quality, rather than profit (due to the high cost of creating such a miniature home) and my projects tend to be large, although I could be persuaded to do some smaller designs for display events. Many of my creations have been charitable donations, gifts to friends or created in someone's memory for their families.

Doll House Building

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