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Jonathan Remer

Jonathan Remer, Artisan & Founder of Sasquatch Woodworks
By day Jonathan is a mechanical engineer at GE Aviation in Lynn; by night, he crafts scrap wood into unique live edge pieces of usable art. Working with a number of local lumber yards in New England as well as ones in Iowa and Arizona he handpicks each wood piece to design custom housewares including tables, serving platters, lazy susans, charcuterie boards, wine holders and more. He specializes in unique metal, stone and grain inlays and works with a Lichtenberg burner to produce fractal electrical burn patterns into many of his pieces. Jonathan prides himself on attention to detail in the wood used, the finish applied, and the hardware chosen to ensure each piece is unique and of high quality. No two pieces are ever the same.
Originally from Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, just outside Philadelphia, Jonathan fell in love with the New England area when he attended school at Tufts University. He and his wife Erin, along with their cat Lucy now happily call this home. You can see more of his work on Instagram @Sasquatch_Woodworks and on select days at the Wakefield and Melrose Farmers Markets, in Boston at SoWa and other local events.

Sasquatch Woodworks

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