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Joy Schilling

I can attest that calligraphy, drawing, and printmaking each have their own set of technical and aesthetic challenges that are unique to the process. Calligraphy forces me to slow down, focus, and breathe. Doing calligraphy is meditative. I enjoy finding the perfect text then combining it with decorative ornamentation to create a composition. Two point perspective drawing is not necessarily the most creative way to create art because you have to follow the rules. Yes, there are a few rules in Art, and most apply to perspective. My goals are to create depth and distance and to show form and value without the use of outlines.
I enjoy painting and drawing but Printmaking is my favorite, it is both craft and art. Whatever you carve away will be white and whatever you leave behind will pick up the ink and print on the paper. Pulling a print for the first time always feels like magic. From concept to finished print, the process involves the use of line, texture, color, and composition to produce a graphic print and the ability to make multiples of a single image.

Calligraphy, Drawing, Printmaking

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