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Emer McCourt

I love to draw animals - my animals, your animals & those that catch my eye. I work mainly with charcoal on paper & panel. A late blooming artist, I am endlessly exploring new techniques & animals & hate to waste a moment I could be drawing.
Animals make the best subject matter for me because they are not self-conscious - there is
no artifice in any animal expression. I’m always looking to capture even a glimpse into their
range of emotions. Utterly uninhibited animals just do their thing & provide me the perfect
material to do mine! Charcoal lends itself to animal art as it brings an expressive
warmth to each piece. There is an infinite amount of animals to draw, each lending a unique
perspective on life. Their freedom of expression and their behaviour speaks to us all in it’s unabashed sincerity and if I can capture even a touch of that movement or mischief or love I am successful.
Often my focus will be on pure animal movement and expression but animal relationships are a source of inspiration too. I enjoy drawing animals with their humans cast in a secondary role. Animal vibrancy is present in all my drawings.
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