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Rick Mercer

A resident of Wakefield and Wakefield High School graduate, Rick works as a computer analyst for McCarter & English, LLP and creates art part time. Rick graduated from Butera School of Art and also attended classes at Mass College of Art and the Art Institute of Boston. He consistently attends art workshops to hone his skills.
I love to create artwork that is not static, that evokes emotions and creates feelings for the viewer. My favorite subjects are people and I will always gravitate to painting them. My influences are John Singer Sargent, Diego Velazsqez, Johannes Vermeer and Norman Rockwell.
I'm also greatly influenced by today's incredible talent such as Robert Liberace, Alyssa Monks, David Kassan and Anthony Ryder. There are too many great artists and influences to list and each of them pushes me to strive harder each and every time I draw or paint.

Oil, Watercolor

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