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Liz Kreymer

I believe that a painting is a window into an artist’s soul. A painting’s burst of color and swirls of paint help the viewer manifest feelings in their psyche. It is here that I hope to influence whom ever is looking at my art. As a new artist, I hope to capture the attention of my audience by using bold color palettes and subjects. I choose images that illustrate my feelings to the outside world. Although I have a small collection of paintings of Ireland, I do not have a body of work with a particular subject matter. I paint what I want. This materializes into a broad range of paintings: from portraits, to landscapes, to florals. I show my true passions while creating works of art. I also illustrate the process of what it takes to get to the finished piece. I find it provides a deeper context to the person or people who wind up buying my piece.

Acrylic, Oil

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