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Keiko Richter

When I see something beautiful, I long to capture the impression of color, air, and mood. I paint because I believe only a painting can capture the subject as well as its 'genius loci' - the unique atmosphere or spirit about it.
My goal is not so much about creating a visually accurate representation but depicting emotional response to the subject. I want the viewers to connect to the subject through positive emotions and flashbacks of pleasant memories. I am always looking for right color and brush strokes to convey the message, while keeping my style to reflect the subtlety and boldness true to my cultural roots. I strive to improve my technique in order to do the subject justice. Born in Tokyo, Japan, Keiko lived in Japan until the age of eight, when she moved to South America with her family. Growing up, painting and drawing were a favorite pastime for Keiko and her sister. She was a regular in the school’s juried competitions and often won ribbons for watercolors of animals and plein air landscapes. In 2007, she took painting classes with a painter Baruj Salinas. From him, She discovered the joy of transferring imagination into paintings and how much excitement art can bring into one's life.

Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media

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