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Joy Schilling

Creating a painting from start to finish takes time and dedication. Sometimes, I work on 3 or 4 paintings at the same time and as a result of this process, my paintings go in many different directions. I put my canvas on the easel, pick up the palette, squeeze out some paint, mix up some color and lay it onto the canvas. I focus specifically on the color, space, texture, lighting, and composition. I paint to express myself but it’s important to me to create something pleasing to the eye. I like to work with bright colors and focus on color and gradations to create form.
As my love for art has grown, I’ve come to several conclusions about my relationship with art. First, painting allows me an opportunity to express my feelings and emotions. And as a result, painting is incredibly relaxing, helps reduce stress levels and provides me an outlet from my daily routine. Second, I’ve decided not to limit my love for art to one medium. I’m up for trying anything. I love to draw, paint, carve blocks, print, create batik, work with copper, clay, and cameras, in the darkroom or on the computer. I attribute this to teaching a studio art class and running a darkroom where we worked with the elements and principles on a wide variety of projects and materials.

Acrylic, Watercolor

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