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Jamie Kaplowitz Gibbons

While my home is full of antiques scoured from flea markets and rescued from curbside, my studio is full of non-traditional canvases. I collect materials that have their own prior life – reclaimed wood, unfinished cabinet doors, salvaged windows, and more – and continue their story in oil paint. Forgotten pieces in dusty basements and salvaged from discard piles get added to the ever-growing “I could paint on this” collection that is slowly taking over my attic studio.
I am drawn to quiet scenes where light, shadow, and reflection speak volumes. Saturated, juicy textures call out to me: the layering of sumptuous earth tones, the empty spaces where wood grain, knots, imperfections, and character show through.
I am 60% daydreaming of late afternoon sun, 30% calm of the quiet in my studio, and 10% strong coffee.

Oil Paint on reclaimed materials

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