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George Watchko

Having no formal education in Art, although a life time of appreciation for art in all forms, I started painting courses in 2001. This was after the kids went to college and Sam (our dog) went to the big kennel in the sky. I found painting with acrylics is a media, vehicle and passion for me. I enjoy a variety of subjects with the act of gifting them a good reason to paint them. I firmly believe that all people should create art in any form and to whatever level they can. This can range from painting to sculpture to music to food to gardening to architecture to photography to... We all simply need to find our passion, enjoy the fruits of our labor of love and share with others. We recently moved to Wakefield after 25+ years in Stoneham and simply love the town. I am recently retired and have more time to devote to painting. I hope to expand to other media such as ceramics and sculpture.


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