Ceramic Artists

Laura Hackel


Laura Hackel of Artful Healings spent the first 17 years of her career as an executive in high tech. Then she found her creative expression by combining her energy healing and ceramics competencies. Her Healing Vessels can be seen at her gallery at 3 Bow Street in Lexington MA. Laura's work has been displayed at the Decordova Museum's Student Exhibit.
Artful Healing, the power of it, the wonder of it and the freedom of it. I was a late bloomer in this arena but ever since my first exposure to energy work I was hooked and knew that it was an important part of my soul’s calling. My art and healing practice takes many forms including crystal bowl healing and healing through ceramic vessels that have been individually hand crafted and charged with healing intentions. I especially love the initial discovery part of the healing process where I can help people to uncover the unconscious beliefs that are running their lives in a way that is not consistent with what they desire and help them to heal allowing them to shift to a more powerful, fulfilling way of life.

Joshua Polster


Joshua Polster has been working in ceramics for several years. His pottery, both functional and decorative, is made with stoneware clay, thrown on the potter’s wheel, and glazed for food safety, strength and durability. Each pot is an exploration of color, texture, proportion and intended use.

Emily Sevigny

Ceramics, Mixed Media, Collage

I am an artist and educator living in Lowell, MA. I teach art at the Galvin Middle School. My first love in the arts was clay, specifically functional pottery. During my Masters of Education program at Framingham State University I discovered collage. Since that time I have been making collages inspired by buildings in Lowell.
Looking at the old buildings and canals in Lowell makes me feel like a very small part of the city's story. It makes me think of all the people who have lived here, worked here and what their stories are. I think of how many of the buildings have been around for generations, bearing witness to it all. I think of the stories the buildings could tell. I hope that my work conveys the appreciation that I have for the character and the history of the city.