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Arts Collaborative of Wakefield News & Announcements

ACW Meeting Wednesday November 16 7pm Albion Cultural Exchange


Recent / Upcoming ACW events

October: Creatures and Critters Art Show

  • It was a wonderful show.

  • Any thoughts or last comments from Subcommittee?

November: Wakefield Beebe Library – Blake Gallery exhibit space - a one month duration.

  • Kathy / Andrea are coordinating

  • Art pick up time: 11/30 at 5pm – 6pm

  • if you can’t make the pick up time, let Kathy or Andrea know


Stoneham Library exhibit space - a one month duration. Artists can price works. The library also has display case tables for anyone that would like to display something like pottery or jewelry.

  • Jayne Leland / Kathy / Andrea are coordinating

  • Drop off Time/Date: 5:30pm to 6:30 pm on Thursday, 12/1/22

  • Drop off location: Stoneham Library

  • 431 Main St, Stoneham - (781) 438-1324

  • A few of us will be there to collect the art and we will then set up after 6:30

  • Pick Up Time / Date: Given the New Year’s holiday, likely not picking up on 12/31, so what date/time on 12/29 or 12/30 works better for most

  • Confirm member interest / participation

Holiday Winter Sale: 1st weekend in December – Friday, 12/2, and Saturday, 12/3. FYI that Wakefield will be reviving the Holiday Stroll event on Saturday 12/3.

Dates / Times

Friday 12/2, 5pm to 8pm Set up: 3pm

Saturday, 12/1, from 1pm to 6pm Set up: 11am

On Saturday, there will be a Holiday Stroll music recital with Caroline Lleiber at 4:30 in the ACE gallery during the Sale

Confirm participation - At this point all slots are filled.

Discuss promotion

Holiday celebration for December meeting – probably little to no formal meeting in Dec, but let’s be sure to stop and celebrate the holiday season!

Spring 2023 event: Discuss doing one show in spring 2023. Talk about theme to use. Identify sub-committee. Start planning in January

Website and Instagram updates/reminders

Update your ACW Website content – send any updates to Joy

Jamie is always happy to receive artwork to post on the ACW Instagram account; pls send to her at:

ACW Kitty:

October show expense receipts:

AnnMarie Gallivan: 125.00 for balance of Curious Creatures 375$ invoice (bank donation to cover 250.00)

Andrea Willey: 42.00 for miscellaneous show expenses

Starting balance 732.00

October show expenses: 167.00

New Ending balance: 565.00

Any new or outstanding reimbursements?

Other Topics?

Round the Room News to Share – who’s exhibiting where? Upcoming art events? Etc...


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