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Priti Lathia

Mixed Media Painting

My mixed media paintings are a reflection of my deep connection to the natural world and my personal life experiences. Through exploration, experimentation, and play, I am constantly inspired to try new additive and subtractive techniques to build my paintings.
At the heart of my creative process is an intuitive and spontaneous approach, which begins with collage, printmaking techniques, and a carefully selected color palette. I find that working on several paintings simultaneously allows me to explore different themes and ideas, while also building a sense of continuity and connection between my works.
My paintings are a rich tapestry of colors, textures, shapes, and marks. I layer gestural and hand-drawn lines, washes, grid patterns, shapes, and textures to create a dynamic and layered composition. Drawing and mark making serve as the structural bones and accents, creating a foundational architecture, while lively paint, collage, and ink layers add depth, texture, atmosphere, and mood.
Through my artwork, I hope to capture the essence of the natural world and to inspire others to connect with and cherish the beauty around us. My paintings are a celebration of the diversity and complexity of life, and I invite you to explore with me on this creative journey.

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