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Joseph Leto

Charcoal, Painting, Pastel, Photography

Joseph Leto’s love of art started when he was a young boy. Eventually his art training moved through Boston’s Museum of Fine Art School, and the Art Institute, of Boston. He earned his living as a Commercial Artist/Illustrator, Designer, and Professional Photographer.
This early love of art was accompanied by his holding a camera. He joined assorted professional photographic and artist associations, in which he attained many ribbons, prizes, mentions, and awards.
Leto’s portfolio features numerous clients from Fortune 500 companies, highly recognizable personalities, schools and institutions, day to day families, up to and including the White House. His art and photography have been seen around the world in many venues.
Joseph passionately studied the Old Masters style of art, its techniques, and history. His favorite Dutch and Italian Schools, integrating with the Abstract and the Impressionist style developed into what has become the Boston Tradition style of Art. Established in the mid nineteenth century, it is historically, the longest study of art still influencing the world today. Each of his allegorical pieces tells a story.

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