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Joanne Jolly Kay

Jewelry, Silver Clay, Stained Glass, Felt

Joanne Jolly-Kay is an artist and Occupational Therapist. Joanne graduated from Mass College of Art with a BFA in sculpture, and from Tufts University with an MA in OT. She and her husband were the founders of the Kingston Gallery in Boston in 1982, a cooperative art gallery which started in a loft space in Boston’s Chinatown. Joanne assisted with directing it until 1987 and it continues to flourish in the SOWA area of Boston on Harrison Ave. Although no longer involved with the Kingston Gallery, Joanne has continued to create art over the years in her home. In 2010, she rented a studio space where she now does her art work and teaches informal art classes. “Art making and experimenting with a variety of materials is a passion for me. I began my journey into the arts in high school, then at Mass. College of Art where I majored in fine arts/sculpture. In 1987, I graduated from Tufts University with a Masters in Occupational Therapy, which is my second passion. In 1988, I had my first daughter and 1992 my second. I have worked for many years as a therapist while continuing to work on art, as time allowed, while bringing up my family. I am currently working as an OT and working on my own art work with passion.”

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