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Constance Festo Lafond      

I have always noticed beautiful compositions happening naturally around me. Capturing them and the joy they bring me has been my creative motivation. My figurative paintings are fluid and gentle in their line and form, harmonious in soft yet vibrant color. My landscapes are alive with hue, movement and atmospheric tension, inviting viewers into an immersive experience. Collaging my photographs and prints into unique expressions of vibrant color and rich texture allows me to express the beauty of the natural world. Collaborating with online marketplaces like Le Galeriste, and Contrado I am able to create another approach to my artwork with custom clothing. I also have a large collection of products on Society6 where my art is printed on quality items for you, your office, and your home indoors and out. I maintain a studio on the 2nd floor at Porter Mill 95 Rantoul St. Beverly, MA

Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastel, Collage

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