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Cheryl Frank                            

Watercolor, Quilting, Beading

After retiring from nursing and clinical trial research, I wanted to return to watercolor painting as I had found great joy in painting when in high school. At that time I had been selected to attend a Saturday course at Mass College of Art with one anther student from Beverly High and join others at MCA. We were treated to all sorts of media to work with. I had been sewing since a very young age and loved working with all sorts of color and texture of fabrics. So this helped me learn especially about color and what it can do. Beverly Recreation Dept. has been offering oil and watercolor painting for many years and I joined them with Natalie Batcheller as the instructor. She is a watercolor jurist and an inspiration to have as a teacher. So began my enjoyment of working with watercolor, taking drawing lessons, and leaning how to make color sing. My goal painting is share the energy and the joy of nature.

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