Jessica Andersen                                                             Acrylic and Oil Paint

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Jessica B. Andersen is an artist and designer originally from North Carolina.  She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from Appalachian State University.  Her primary practice is in painting, where she produces abstract and representational imagery in both acrylic and oil. She is motivated by color, attention to detail, science, technology and creating commentary on where man has been, where he's at, and where he's going.

In Jessica's 'Tessellate Series', each tessellation is cut by hand and goes through multiple iterations until the final shape is created. Employing a vivid palette of color, her work invites the viewer to enter a mindset separate from reality and explore the possibilities.  This is further expressed through her works that have no determined orientation.  In these pieces, the viewer may choose the orientation that is unique to them, making for a truly interactive experience.

Jessica currently practices and resides in Wakefield, MA.




Social Media: @JBAndersenArt

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