The Arts Collaborative of Wakefield


The initial focus of the Arts Collaborative of Wakefield (ACW) is its online artist registry to be used by artists, patrons, sponsors, local business, and enthusiasts.  The online registry allows artists to identify themselves in terms of their artwork.  The registry is also a great tool for non-artists to check out what is happening in the local art community and to find an artist or craftsmen whose style they like or who they want to engage for a piece of artwork.


 Artists register at  It’s easy….you include an email address, a bio/resume and/or an artist statement, submit brief registration information, and then send photos of your work to be included on your personal page.  Please think about signing up today!

Join the Arts Collaborative of Wakefield for more information contact one of our site administrators at or


  •  To register as a member of the Arts Collaborative of Wakefield and join the directory of Visual Artists fill out the form on the "Register with the ACW" page.

It's easy to register ...

Fill out the form.  Click send. Email photos.