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Laura-Marie Small

My teaching style fully embraces who I am as an individual and as an artist. I encourage my students to think and do for themselves. I provide my students with positive experiences that will allow them to discover themselves, problem solve, and to work not only independently, but also in the form of a group or team. I stress that there is no right or wrong in art and that it is up to them as an artist to visually speak the truth. My studio is a place that is safe, fun, warm, and inviting. I help guide my students in finding their own truth and forming their own ideas and identity. I believe in this style of teaching because it has only strengthened me as a person, artist, and educator. As an artist, I am inspired by the world around me. I take note of all that I see and translate it into a piece of work that expresses my emotion on a particular subject. I strive to look at things in a positive light and I believe that my artwork reflects this. I am intrigued by colors and textures, which connects to fashion, my first love. I use my inspiration to build ideas that will be represented in an abstract or impressionistic style of art. I am influenced by many different styles and genres of the past, as well as the present.

Painting, Collage

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