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Joy Schilling

Back in the day at UMASS Amherst, I started as a Printmaking major but then switched over to Art Education. Upon graduation, an art teaching job opened up at WHS and I became a member of the Wakefield Visuals Arts Department for the next 35 years. Teaching was a rewarding, exciting job and it was with mixed emotions that I decided to retire in 2021. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to be paid for and build a career around creating, studying and teaching Art.Because I taught a studio art class and darkroom photography, I have a wide and varied portfolio. I love making all types of art including all types of painting, printmaking, drawing, especially perspective, calligraphy, mixed media, copper tooling, sculpture, batik, ceramics and photography - film, digital, cyanotypes.
Apart from the satisfaction of a finished piece of art, creating art transports me to a more intuitive and unconscious mindset. Boosting activity on the right side of the brain enhances creative thinking, and by getting in touch with the right side while creating I experience many positive feelings.

Painting, Printmaking, Ceramics

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