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Sherri Murray

The Vintage Vault & Company began with a mother and daughter duo who decided to make candles as holiday gifts. One Sunday afternoon we started this project in our tiny kitchen and fell in love with the process.
As we finished our first dozen and delivered them, we never expected the phone to ring; to our surprise the recipients wanted to order more to give as gifts. It was great to see people smile and feel as if we were giving them a unique gift. As each holiday passed, we got more and more inquiries, and today we are running year-round at our home-based workshop.
We pride ourselves on using the finest materials such as 100% USA natural soy wax, premium organic hemp wicks and custom fragrance oils. We take pride in offering a non-toxic product that contains no lead, plastics, parabens, synthetic dyes, or phthalates.
In addition, what makes us stand apart from others is that we have taken our love of vintage glassware and up-cycle it as vessels for our amazing candles. Most of our items are limited or one-time offerings, as the vessels are not mass produced.
As self-taught candlemakers, we knew we had the drive and the talent to turn our home-based business into something much larger. We recognize each candle and wax melt as a unique creation for each of our customers, and we pour our heart and soul into each one. I love being able to bring a fresh and unique look to each customer’s home by using vintage glassware for our custom candles.

Soy Wax

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