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Daniel Noren                                   

I have been a part-time woodworker in one way or another for about 55 years dabbling in general and finish carpentry, furniture design and building, wood carving, wood marquetry and inlay, and currently pen and wood gift design and fabrication. My dad, grandfather and uncle were my woodworking inspiration and mentors.
I love working with wood, taking a once vibrant tree and bring it to life again through a process that engages the human mind and body, that along the way stimulated all of your senses – the shape, feel and heft, the incredibly beautiful colors both before and after finishing, the multitudes of unique smells, the different sounds of working and shaping the wood, and finally giving it another purpose after its initial life giving existence.
I currently offer custom wood pens, wood mechanical pencils, and wood gifts and toys, high end rocking chairs and chaise lounges, furniture restoration and refinishing, as well as interior and exterior restoration molding trim and rosette profiles for older homes.

3-D Woodworking

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