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Tracy Bailer 


​Photography is my passion! Whether it is getting up and out by 4:00 am, climbing rocks, mountains or snowy trails.....whatever it takes, I must get that shot! Sunrise & sunsets are some of my favorites, especially over the water. Each one is unique and constantly changing. However, I am not limited to just that. I am also drawn to whatever grabs me. I have that need and desire to capture it no matter what...within reason! I love getting ideas and requests from others. I find it challenging to capture something that someone asks and maybe put my own little spin on it. I'll take quite a few shots to make sure it's just what they requested or maybe something they didn't think of. I have exhibited some of my art at Park and the Lynn Union Hospital, Lynnfield Public Library and Wakefield Public Library. I am a member of Greater Lynn Photographic Association in Lynn.

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